Nano Technology Performance

Mega Oil Nano Shield Additive

Mega Oil Nano Shield Formulation is a uniquely blended petroleum based formula that is compatible with all motor oils, gear oils and other lubricants. Mega Oil Nano Shield Engine Formulation is the ultimate metal treatment that coats all metal surfaces with an ionized micro-layer of oil molecules and metallurgically forms (on the base metal) a durable polished micro-layer of metal. Mega Oil Nano Shield Engine Formulation dramatically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature. Friction and wear are substantially reduced which results in maximum equipment life, performance and fuel economy. Oil filter life is improved and the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve remains free and clean. This quality also contributes to longer engine life and fuel economy. 10% of Mega Oil Nano Shield Engine Formulation will ensure complete clean-up of the engine from sludge and varnish thus ensuring very clean and smooth engine operation.

Result of the car performance

Test group: Honda TYRE-R


Before: 227.38

After: 231.40

Promote: 3.6hp

Result of the motor performance

Test group: Yamaha MT-09



Before: 101.36

After: 102.47

Promote: 1.11hp